August 27, 2015

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To promote physical health improvement and sustainability among all members of Kappa Alpha Psi (Nupes) in a way that provides meaningful support, accountability, and a genuine opportunity to fellowship!

"Nupes Run The City expands to Los Angeles in Summer of 2015"

Health whether physical or mental impacts all facets of life from work/school, home, family, etc. We firmly believe that a person’s ability to set tangible goals and attain them through discipline and support of their peers especially as it pertains to physical health is a true sign of Kappa Strength! In the age of fast food, cardiac arrest, and diabetes as well as a sedentary lifestyle it’s important that everybody embraces a more active self. 

#NupesRunTheCity affords members of Kappa Alpha Psi of all ages and physical abilities the opportunity to work out and seriously change their lives through the support of members in their local “chapters” and nationally. It’s a workout program which provides for brainstorming and sharing of best practices as well as good spirited competition with the goal of simply making each Brother better in their physical lives with hopes of impacting other areas of life. 

Furthermore, the #NupesRunTheCity movement provides Nupes who have recently moved to a new area or have found themselves a bit removed from the Fraternity and so forth an opportunity to Bond and Fellowship with other good Kappa men. This is all with the goal of addressing physical health among other important life factors such as family, school, work. etc. #NupesRunTheCity is truly a family within a broader Bond of Fraternity!

Pierre Le Veaux II
Pierre Le Veaux II

Pierre Le Veaux II, creator

Pierre is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi initiated through the Epsilon Kappa Chapter. He is currently an Investment Advisor at a New York based Investment Bank having joined the firm immediately after receiving his MBA from The Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia. Pierre serves on the board of Community of Unity, a New York based non-profit that that empowers underserved youth. Pierre received a BA and an MS in Social Science from California State University.

After moving to New York City and getting settled in his role Pierre quickly noticed that New Yorkers and especially NYC finance professionals were abundantly active! Not one to shy away from competition Pierre started working out regularly as a way to counter balance the rigors of work. In addition to regularly working out Pierre focused his efforts by training 16 weeks for the NYC Marathon in 2012 after witnessing the birth of his daughter. Unfortunately the 2012 NYC Marathon was canceled due to hurricane Sandy however Pierre trained again (i.e. “Pledged Twice”) for the 2013 Marathon where he exceeded his goal pace running 26.2 miles in 3:47. Prior to the marathon training Pierre never ran more than two miles at one time in his entire life needless to say running was not a passion however he has learned to love it.

Moving forward, Pierre continued to train and recently competed in the Wall Street Decathlon which raises money for Cancer Research having set the record of 1:18 for the 500 Meter Row. The training for the Wall Street Decathlon serves as the impetus for #NupesRunTheCity. It started out with just a few Nupes running the track for sprint work during Pierre’s training on the Lower East Side of NYC to Nupes all over the country fellowshipping and showing significant gains from their dedication to physical health! The #NupesRunTheCity movement is viewed by Pierre as his biggest accomplishment because it is contingent upon the excitement and commitment of other Brothers across the country who in true Kappa form immediately stepped up to the challenge.

Nick Gouché, co-creator

Nick is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc initiated through Epsilon Kappa Chapter. He is the recipient of the 2004 Western Province E. Lionel Davis Undergraduate Achievement Award and one of the youngest LIFE MEMBERS in the Noble Klan of Kappa Alpha Psi.

Nick is currently a Mortgage Banker at American Pacific Mortgage specializing in Residential Lending. He is the founder of The Gouche Foundation, a Los Angeles based non-profit that helps minority first time homebuyers with Down Payment Assistance to achieve homeownership. In 2013, Nick witnessed an amazing accomplishment from someone near to his heart. His mother (who he adores) had battled with weight challenges throughout her adult life, which caused multiple health concerns, made a commitment to get in the best shape of her life for her 50th birthday. First hand, he witnessed the hard work and dedication his mother exemplified. As promised, on her 50th Birthday she had dropped over 40lbs and was in the best shape of her life.

Nick’s Mother’s journey and achievement served as an inspiration for Nick to take a look in the mirror and make that same commitment to his health and fitness goals. The Real Estate Lending industry is a very rigid place however Nick quickly found that his commitment to working out reduced his stress, helped maintain high energy levels, and improved his overall quality of life.

When Nick noticed the momentum his prophyte, Pierre, had started in NYC with #NupesRunTheCity, he was inspired by the fellowship of Brothers coming together to encourage and promote a healthy lifestyle. In addition, Nick believed #NupesRunTheCity could serve as a platform to reignite and reclaim Brothers back to Kappa. He rightfully implemented the singing of the Kappa Hymn, all 3 verses, where Brothers lock up, right over left, after each workout to remind us of the connection to Kappa we all share.

Nick Gouche
Nick Gouche

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